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While there are many career counselors in the industry, few adopt a 360-degree approach in terms of guiding and mentoring students. It is with this vision of providing a holistic style of counselling that we at The Career Hippo have conceptualized thecareerhippo.com. With a vast experience of dealing with school children and a thorough understanding of the various challenges faced by them, they assure to provide well-rounded counselling and mentoring services to their clients.

With the help of tried and tested counselling methodologies in practice, we at the career hippo have help pupil achieve the desired results over the years. For the proper assessment of students, we use psychometric tests, DMIT and other principal techniques in sessions. We also help pupils gain precious life skills through dedicated trainings and goal-setting sessions. Along with students, we also coach parents and teachers on the various ways of understanding their pupils and helping them achieve success. In the coming years, we aim at becoming one of the most successful names in the industry. A detailed list of counselling services and professional trainings provided by them can be found on thecareerhippo.com.

Need for Career Counselling

In today’s times, students are faced with several pressures. They are often expected to deal with cut-throat competition along with undue demands and burdens from parents and peers. Counselling can help them tackle the complicated times ahead while preparing them for the future of their dreams. To ensure that students do not act under peer pressure or in a state of confusion, effective mentoring and guidance has become almost imperative.

Owing to the plethora of career choices available, students are also left jumbled with the need to make the right decision in life. To help them get in touch with their actual strengths and capabilities, it is necessary to get them connected with a reliable counsellor and career guide. A trusted mentor is like a guiding source that can help students walk down their desired career path while aiding them in tackling any hurdles that come on the way. Counselling can not only hone students with trusted life skills but also enable them to meet their professional aims with success.

People Behind

Univariety Certified counsellor

Anuradha Sinha

A dedicated, hard-working, and committed teacher and individual - is how one can aptly describe Anuradha Sinha. A sound counselling professional and beloved teacher to many, Anuradha has been associated with the field of academics for over two decades. She has a keen understanding of the problems faced by budding students and is here to help them succeed in their educational and professional journeys.

Based out of New Delhi, Anuradha Sinha is a trusted Career Counselor and Teacher. She has worked in the education field for over 25 years and has taught students from all spheres and classes. An ardent lover of academics herself, Anuradha has pursued her M.Sc. along with a master’s degree in Education. She aims to help students achieve their truest potential with the help of reliable counselling and career guidance courses.

Anuradha is also a certified counselor and a successful Brain Gym Practitioner and NLP Practitioner. She has served as a Curriculum Head of R&D at Educomp Solutions and Bharti Foundation and as a trusted educational consultant in several schools and organizations. Anuradha has also volunteered as a lead trainer and counselor for a Non-Governmental Organization – SNEHI, wherein she helped many pupils tackle career and pre and post exam stress. Currently, she is working with several schools in Delhi as a trusted Consultant for Curriculum Design and Classroom Innovations. Along with her partner, Priya Jain, aims at providing sound professional and career counseling help to all those in need.

Priya Jain

Currently, based out of New Delhi, Priya Jain, is a B.Sc and PGD Journalism and Mass communication from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. She has been a Senior Business Journalist with Indian Express and CIO Decisions (American Magazine).

She has been associated with Non-Governmental Organizations like Ram Krishna Mission, Seva Niketan and Anganwadi’s in Andheri (E) in Mumbai , where she has helped underprivileged children and their mothers to deal with the social problems and still concentrate on educating themselves and their families on various civic issues. She has over a decade of experience as R&D in Curriculum Design and counselling of parents and children for career options and behavioural issues of children.


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