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Step 1

Understand yourself :
your strengths & weaknesses

What The psychometric test will tell you about the career suiting your Aptitude, Personality and Interest (API).

Why Your dream career should match your API.

How Book an Online Psychometric Analysis.

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Step 2

Seek information & guidance from experts to plan your career

What Personal guidance will give you clarity on Streams, Courses or Careers for you.

Why Clarity is important to finalise you best fit stream or career.

How Book our Online Personal Guidance Session with Experts.

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Step 3

Explore the opportunity to do Online Virtual Internship and Explore 18 Careers

What The Online Virtual Internship Program which helps you gain knowledge about the career you want to explore. It also provides certification to add to your portfolio.

Why Understanding about a career is important before opting for it. Moreover it eliminates the doubts regarding a particular career and motivates towards achieving it.

How Book one or more Online Virtual Internship of your choice.

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Step 4

Select the perfect subject combination and stream for a fruitful career.

What The Stream Selection, Branch Selection and Ideal Career Test help you finalise the perfect subject combination and stream for achieving a fruitful career.

Why It is important to take the right route towards your dream career. It saves time, effort and money.

How Book a Stream Selector Test, Branch Selector Test, Ideal Career Test

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Step 5

Explore and select the Top colleges, Application dates, Mock test

What Explore Information about the best suited colleges, application and dates for entrance test, prepare through mock tests.

Why For application, preparation of entrance and admission in the best colleges at the right time.

How Click on the Get Started for Free button and explore our dashboard for free.

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Who Can Benefit

6,7,8th Students

We help Students of 6 th and 7 th to know their learning style, personality and their multiple intelligences and thus know about their strengths and help them work upon their weaknesses to excel in their overall development and be more career oriented.

8, 9, 10th Students

We help students of class 8 th , 9 th and 10 th to select subject and stream that suits their abilities, aptitude and personality.

11, 12th Students

Our extensive career directory and personal guidance will make sure that students of class 11 th , 12 th and Undergraduate students are guided to the right course and college.

College Undergraduate Students

Our extensive career directory and personal guidance will make sure that undergraduate students are guided to the right course and college. And aim for their best fit career.

Private and Government Schools

We work with top schools to assure that their students get accepted in their dream colleges.

What will you get?

Once the student starts and signs up with us, he can explore the following tools on our dashboard

Research tools like :

  • Top Colleges know about the top colleges suiting your career in India and abroad

  • Careers Deep Dive

  • Scholarships

  • Country Specific Admission Tests
    • Course/Country-wise Fee Calculator
    • Admission Chances Calculator

Explore a wide range of latest career options with us.

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Student(s) Says

What students need to know?

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s getting very difficult to finalise the course I should take up. Can you help?

Totally, at The Career Hippo we provide a 360 degree approach to know you and then guide you towards the best. Our career assessment and the counselling sessions, is the best way to move forward. You can know your best-fit career matches using our international level assessments, and our career experts can then help you build your target college list, and select your course.

If I want a counselling session how should I go about it?

Once you have taken The Career Hippo assessment, you can book your sessions right from the website. You may also get in touch with us through our helpline number.

I know about a few colleges but do not know which one to finalise. Will The Career Hippo Program help me?

Completely! If you have finalised the course, and just need to select the right college, The Career Hippo Navigate is custom-designed to help you with college profiling and mapping. It is very critical to find the best fit college, and our experts will guide you towards it.

Will you also give guidance on preparation of entrance exams in college?

Yes, completely we provide complete guidance on preparation and personal interview. We also provide complete support to the child through mentoring and goal setting for best results.

Who will take my counselling sessions?

Your sessions will be taken by India’s top career coaches, including domain experts, educationists and country’s leading psychologists.

Should I give preference to the college, or the course?

True a big dilemma! Everyone faces this. Course without the right college, or the college without the right course is dangerous for your career. Our guidance will give you the right solution. Our career coach’s will help you make the right combination of course & college.

What is included in the counselling sessions?

The sessions will vary, as per the requirement. However, the session revolve around understanding your strengths and weaknesses and then identifying the right career fit, exploring opportunities and courses in that domain, and making a target college list.

I am already enrolled with The Career Hippo & I need help with college shortlisting. Do I need to enroll again?

If you have a session pending, you don’t need to enroll again. All your career needs, especially college shortlisting and finalization, will be taken care of in your session. Write to us on info@the carrerhippo.in or connect to us on our helpline number and we will get back to you with the best way to move forward.

Which are the payment modes available for the program?

We have a variety of safe and convenient payment options available, including credit/debit card, net banking etc., which you can choose according to your preference.